What lotus mean ?

出於污泥而不染 The lotus is considered a symbol of yoga because even though it grows in water ,its leaves or petals do not get wet ; this represents the philosophy of living in the world without being affected by it by Devi Bhumi

Logo design

Design concept for Movin Grid company ” The use of Chinese calligraphy invokes a sense of movement  as the ink dances and flows across the page .The logo also combines elements of East & West with the letter “M” written in Chinese style , as a metaphor for both Asian & Western integration .”

Art project in 2018

Looking forward to organise an art show with Movin’ Grid in 2018 !      

Live BodyRock show

Founded in 2010 by Sze.C and Matt Coleman. BodyRock is a non-profit organization that brings audio ( live music ) & visual ( live body painting ; dancing etc. ) entertainment to HK, benefiting various HK-based charities and art projects. The body is our instrument for performance; the rock is about creating power through music. The aim of BodyRock is to…

exhibition : 刺影 Shadow of My Needle II

2016 Photo exhibition “刺影 Shadow of My Needle II” recommended by Time Out . Sze.C tattoo artist collaborates with photojournalist Dean Cox ,click here to see the work.

2017 Tattoo Calendar

*Learning from the pains of life leads to liberation – 未覺生命之痛,未懂自由之意. ” 2017 Tattoo Calendar on sale, limited print with high quality. HK$250 per each ( HK$400 for two ) more artwork in this calendar please click

booking guide

Please read booking guide before make appointment, any question free feel to write me an email szectattoohk@gmail.com. I only take booking no more than 3 months in advance so each month booking schedule is fill up so quick. Therefor, suggest you make appointment for consultation as early as possible so that I can arrange the tattoo date for you as soon as I…

exhibition : 10 Years Ink on Skin show by Sze.C

The 10 Years ink on Skin  show was held in 2013 in HK Fringe Club. video by Sophia Shek and photo taken by Miriam Much love & art 🙂 ” 十载青情 10 Years Ink on Skin ” written by Corinna Ko 刺青解情 情釋刺青 或許唯有「情」一中國文字方可話刺青 .「情」左系「心」右系「青」用心注青 為 ‘ 情 ’ 刺青. 繡於肌 一針一線 一絲不苟 淋漓致盡解脫了情. 水, 火, 土 交融成青花瓷. 針 ,青,…