Artouch to Movin’ Grid

It’s not goodbye it’s au devoir …

Artouch has been running for 3 years since 2014 and it was one of my challenging and interesting project, in this 3 years I hosted over 50 events ( music,movie, book talk,exhibition and charity events. ) I have learned so much and met so many interesting, creative and nice people at Artouch, it was a valuable experience for me to open an art space.

Due to personal reasons I have had to close down Artouch but the good news is that I shall work with another creative party in 2018, who will be turning Artouch into a dance studio. I shall continue to host some art-related events and shows at the venue in 2018. Looking forward to co-operating with “Movin’ Grid” company soon . Latest information will post on Artouch Facebook and website . 

Space available  for dance , theatre , exhibition / gathering with live music . Contact Gigi ( ) the founder of Movin’ Grid for more information .

Much love & art,  Sze.C.


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