Sze.C inking  Sze.C – Tattoo Art Gallery in Hong Kong since 2003 .

Like other works of art that require meticulous attention, the conception of a tattoo design always takes more time and energy than the actual tattooing work. But I find this part of the process invaluable to my work. This attention to detail has helped me to fulfill the vision of many of my clients. Moreover, the fact that some of my clients have become friends is another one of the most valuable gifts tattooing has given me.

Each time I review my portfolio, I can’t help but to contemplate on how to improve each piece of finished work – recognizing that each piece represents my best work at the time. Nevertheless, my motto is to always seek and to give my best ‘in the moment’. In art, as in life, there are no second chances to do the same things over again.

I admit that I place such a great emphasis on the selection and detailing of each tattoo design that even I find myself nitpicking sometimes. But it is also my passion for tattooing that drives me to perfect each piece of work and to continue striving for the best.

Thanks to all my clients and friends for giving me their time and patience and creating a supportive environment in which I may continue pursuing my career with liberty and expression. With each day, I look forward to sharing my passion and appreciation of tattoo art with more of you. In spite of the physical pain involved, I hope that you also find your own joy in expressing your inner being with your very own tattoo!

*Learning from the pains of life leads to liberation 未覺生命之痛,未懂自由之意. ”

Love ink & people, 



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