design to tattoo

From consultation ; design to tattoo …

From 2D design on paper to 3D design on body that require not just the design skills also we need understand the human figure and body alignment. Over 14 year experiences of design and tattoo that allow me to create a lot of fun and beautiful work on my client skin.

Therefore, it is very important for tattoo consultation as it lets me understand my client ideas and create a personal tattoo design , so please be patience and expect that from consultation to tattoo may take you at least one month to over 3 months , it depends on how complicated of the design and my workload.



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  1. Tim Oswell says:

    Hi Sze.C,
    I’m really impressed with your work and the approach to the process which is conveyed though your website.
    I have a design in mind which needs both an artists eye to execute nicely, and some effort to tie into and enhance part of an existing design.
    I hope I may make your acquaintance to move forwards with the tattoo. If possible, could I send you my outlines of what I have in mind, and schedule some appointments (noting that I’m not based in HK anymore so would be booking flights to suit).
    Sincerely, Tim


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