temporary tattoo

Temporary tattoo : 

cost : min.HK$500, price quota based on the pattern size & how complicated of the design.

we use toothpick to paint on skin so it is no pain so even kid can get it, the pigment we use made by natural ingredients from Amunez so it is no harm on skin as well. It only last for 4 days to 1 week as we assume you take shower everyday… some people said they get a temp.tattoo from Thailand that last for a month, then I am pretty sure the pigment they use would harmful your skin, as I don’t think you would leave the make up on your face for a month, right ?

one hour temporary tattoo course :

HK$1280 included : materials for lesson use ; how to use the pigment ; how to transfer the pattern on skin ; how to paint on skin ; practice and included small bottle of pigment .


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