charity event

* I love art and pleased enable to through art to raise awareness and funds for charities in Hong Kong & third world countries that really need it. Since 2010 I have been hosting several charity events combined with art & music.

Founded in 2010 by Sze.C. ( tattoo artist & founder of Artouch HK ) and Matt Coleman ( The drummer of the Sleeve ).BodyRock is a non-profit group that brings audio ( live music ) & visual ( live body painting ; dancing etc. ) entertainment to HK, benefiting various HK-based charities. Body is our instrument to  perform ; Rock is about creating power through music. The aim of BodyRock is to fuse audio/visual performances together by creating live art – a unique experience for the audience and the performers. But the main idea behind the project is its beating heart and soul.To use the events as a way to raise awareness and funds for charities in Hong Kong that really need it. FB : BodyRock

  • From 2014 – 2017 I host several charity music events at Artouch HK.
charity event