Human Rights Tattoo

I am pleased to attend the meaningful art project Human Rights Tattoo in Hong Kong 2017 and it hosted by Human Dignity Festival.Radio interview with Bess Hepworth the founder of Planet Ally .

Human Rights Tattoo The Universal Declaration of Human Rights defines the moral principles of being human in 30 articles, containing 6773 letters. The goal of the Human Rights Tattoo project is to tattoo the complete text of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights on individuals, letter by letter. This means that in the end, 6773 people from all around the world walk together with the complete text of the Declaration of Human Rights. Together this tattooed community will carry the Declaration throughout their lifetime. The tattoo is not only a self-reminder, the community spreads these words by talking about their tattoo.  The project was started by Dutch artist Sander van Bussel in 2012 and has grown into a community of volunteers and organisations who all work together to co-produce Human Rights Tattoo.