Hong Kong law prohibits giving a tattoo to persons under 18 years of age. So please be patient to wait for your physically and mentally mature enough to get ink. No exception even you have parent permission. Age above 18 to unlimited, as long as you are healthy and my oldest client is 82 years old 🙂

Price quoted by 2 methods : by pattern & by hourly
by pattern : It can be finish in one session ( within 3 hours ) and the min. charge at Sze.C tattoo studio is HK$2500. Price quoted based on pattern size ; how complicated of the design and the location of your tattoo, as time consuming is different. F
or business card size it costs around HK$2500-3500 , for greeting card size it costs around HK$4500-5500, if tattoo need take more than 3 hours then it will charge by hourly based, price quotes are subjective with no negotiate. Thank you

by hourly : If the tattoo cannot be completed in one session (3 hours), then we charge by hourly. It is HK$2000 per hour and suggest 3 to 4 hours per session, for example if your tattoo need 10 hours then it can divided by 3 sessions and each session need around 2 weeks healing time, but if you can take the pain then I can give you 5 hours per session. 

deposit ; design fee and payment
Sze.C tattoo studio don’t charge for design fee as it’s part of our tattoo service and should not be charge but you will have to pay HK$2000 deposit or 30% for big piece design, as it for secure my time to meet you for consultation and time for designing, and the deposit will be deducted into the final tattoo payment. 

deposit can pay by PayPal ( esp. for oversea client ) or transfer to my local bank account ( ask me by email ) Paypal account :

Please think it seriously before leave a deposit as it is NOT refundable after I provide the design service. Tattoo payment by cash ONLY on tattoo day ,if you want pay by PayPal or bank transfer then you have to settle the tattoo payment the day before of tattoo day .Thank you .

5 Comments Add yours

  1. Ernest says:

    Hi, thx for prompt reply on email.
    I would like to have the following on my tattoo on my shoulder

    ‘A good life is inspired by love and guided by knowledge’ Ernest with Mavis, Angie, Amelie and Ashley

    Calligraphy font hide in a low key decoration will be good. Mainly black with a bit of red touch. An thin arm band around a inch wide looks great but I’m afraid that will hide some of the words. One of my daughter will kill me if her name is on the under arm, lol. would be great if you have any inputs and let me know approx how much pls. One more question, I play tennis everyday, do I need to skip after tattooing? Hear from you soon. Cheers


    1. Sorry for “super ” late reply as I rarely check message in here ,so please send your idea again to my email if you still want ink .


  2. Bill Szeto says:

    I love the meaningful tattoo “覺悟” posted on FB on 24th Feb.

    May I know the approximate price (same size)? Cheers !!


  3. Penny says:

    I am Chinese but Born in europe. This summer I Will travel to HK and would like to put a tattoo on my wrist. The Chinese characters of my children. Can I make an appointment?


    1. Sorry for late reply ,please send your idea and your travel date and time to my email :


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