Artouch : LG/f Shop C2, No.89-95 Hollywood Road ( entrance at Shin Hing  St. behind Hollywood Road )

How to find Sze.C Tattoo Studio ?
On foot
Way 1 : Walking to Hollywood Road no.97 ( near PMQ ) then you will see a stairs Shin Hing St. on your right side, walking down few steps then you will see a wine shop on your right hand side and Artouch is next to them.

come down from Hollywood Road No.97
La Cabane
Artouch next to a wine shop

Way 2 : If you come from Gough St. then walk toward till you see the Shin Hing St. on your left side ,walk up the stairs you will see a wine shop and Artouch just next to them .

by taxi
If you take a taxi tell the taxi driver drop you at Hollywood Road no.97 and follow above direction . 

Still have problem find my studio then call me at +852 9780-1853 ( call only )



One Comment Add yours

  1. yi says:

    Hi there,
    I would like to have a tattoo on my forearm, its just simple line from the beginning of my pinky and all way down to the elbow on the side. Just wonder how I shall make the appointment and how you charge for the price? Please let me know at your convenience that would be much appreciated.
    Have a lovely day!



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