About appointment & design 
Q1 : How long do I need book for consultation and how long can I get the design ?
A1 : Suggest make a consultation at least one month in advance especially if you want booking date in evening or weekend. But if your schedule is flexible then I can arrange consultation date early .

It would take about three weeks to two months to get the design after the consultation, as it depends on how complicated of the design and how busy of my work schedule, so please be patience but you are welcome to send me an email for asking the design update.

Q2 : How long can I get a tattoo after I confirm the design ?
A2 : Normally take one month to 3 months to book for tattoo session, as I don’t accept booking more than 3 months in advance that’s too long for both of us, but if your time is flexible then I can arrange a tattoo date early.

Q3 : Do you have waiting list ?
A3 : I only schedule my tattoo booking no more than 3 months in advance.  
Moreover I do not want keep my client deposit for so long. 

Q3 : Can I book a consultation and tattoo booking at same date ?
A3 : Yes is possible but you need send me design by email first , so that I can give you advise about the design and how long would it take. If we can confirm the design by email then I can give you ink on consultation date.

But I dont want my client too rush to make a decision because they are lazy to come back or worry they would change their mind. Remember the tattoo will be with you for rest of your life so it’s worth of spending sometime on design and thought. 

Q4 : Will you send me the design by email or do I have to come back to your studio ?
A4 : Yes, I will send design by email as it is efficiency way, also I prefer my client have enough time to look at the design first, but if you find difficult to explain your feedback by email then you can come back for 2nd consultation or call me .

Q5 : Any design will you refuse to give ink and will you refuse to do a small tattoo ?
A5 : Most client come to find me is for custom design and I only refuse the design which I don’t think is up to my work standard or I don’t think I can make it nice ( e.g scary demon that’s not my style) , but not because the size and o
f course doing big piece is more fun as I can input more creativity, but I respect my client choice so I won’t refuse to do small tattoo, and everyone need start a small piece first 🙂

About design fee and deposit
Q1 : Do I need pay consultation fee ?
A1 : No, but you will have to pay deposit HK$2000 for booking a consultation, and the deposit would be deducted into the final tattoo payment.

Q2 : Do I need pay the design fee ?
A2 : No, I don’t charge design fee as it is common “rules” for our tattoo industry , but each deposit HK$2000 is for one design concept only, so if you change other idea after I provide the design, then you have to pay deposit again.

Q3: Can I get back the deposit if I am not ready to get a tattoo ?
A3 : If I do not provide design then is possible to refund after consultation, otherwise it is not refundable.

Q4 : Can I give you the deposit on consultation day ?
A4 : No, the deposit is to secure my time to meet you, so if you are serious then pay a deposit should not be a problem. 

About the pain
Q1 : How painful of getting a tattoo ?
A1 : The first 10 minutes is the hardest time for you, because you feel nervous more than pain but after awhile you will get used to the pain and it is bearable .

About the skin & color 

Q1 : Is it possible tattoo over moles or beauty marks ? A1 : No, it is not possible. Certain moles and beauty marks carry cancer cells that must not be subjected to wounds or bleeding , therefore tattooing directly over them would most likely endanger your health.

Q2 : Is it possible tattoo over birthmarks ?
A2 : Yes, it is possible as birthmarks are colored marks on the skin but only if your birthmark is flat . More info at  http://www.cancerhelp.org.uk/about-cancer/cancer-questions/can-birthmarks-turn-into-cancer

Q3 : Do any part of the body you do not give tattoo ?
A3 : I don’t tattoo on face, lips, inside ears, the front side of the neck, forehead ; nipples, belly button, the palm of the hands and the corresponding side of the finger, sole, penis, testis and labium.

Q4 : Can tattoo cover all skin type ?
A4 : Yes, except tattoo cannot over swollen scars, burns, moles and beauty marks. Also, in the event of suntan or sunburnt skin, atopic, acne eruptions or skin rash, the tattooing session will be postponed until complete healing or until the skin can be inked properly.

Q5 : Does the tattoo color easily fade out ? and how long do I need before a touch up ?
A5 : The color won’t fade out easily but the color will reduce around 10-20% when the tattoo it healed but it is normal. If you under the sun quite often then your skin tone would get darker and would make your tattoo look dull, so it won’t look as bright as before. This is because the tattoo is part of your skin and the color will be affected by excessive sun exposure, so I suggest client who love sunbath like me 🙂 just get black and grey shading tattoos as they are the best option and you no need worry too much color fade out.

For color tattoo you can touch up after 2-3 years but it is not necessary, just if you want refresh your tattoo. If you have white skin tone then your tattoo would look brighter than other darker skin tone.
Here is a sample to explain the color degradation. You can see the color would come out very natural and radiant after healing .


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