* Disposable tools (one time use only) including : needle; glove; mask; razor and ink cup (for filling ink)
* All non-disposable tools : including tubes and grips, are sterilized before and after use, sterilize with dry heat sterilizer at 180°.
* High level disinfection will kill most vegetative micro-organism but will not kill the more resistant bacterial spores. Commonly used disinfectants such as alcohol, iodophors, quaternary ammonium and phenolic compounds are not effective sterilizer.
* The preferred methods of sterilisation with dry heat steriliser with high temperature for items that can withstand common disinfectants.
* In considering methods for sterilization procedures, it is important to know the difference between sterilization and disinfection.

Sterilization kills all viable micro-organism
Disinfection only reduces the number of viable micro-organism

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