studio rules

  • I prefer working in a quiet environment, it is advised that no more than three peoples ( including the tattoo artist ) be present during any session / consultation. If visitors are present, they are advised to keep quiet so that won’t disturb the artist working.
  • Children under 15 years old and pets are not permitted inside the studio.
  • Smoking is strictly prohibited in all areas at the studio.
  • Please do not consume any alcohol before your appointment as it will make your wound bleeding more, that mean the ink won’t be easy to insert and artist has right to refuse to give you tattoo.
  • It is also advisable that you eat a proper meal before your tattoo session. We does not suggest empty stomach while getting a tattoo.
  • Please inform the artist if you are feeling unwell or taking any medication. We reserves the right to re-schedule bookings in due course.
  • Photos are not advisable but if you want take one before and after tattoo that should be fine but please discuss with the artist first.
  • Please inform artist if you had any history of illness/disease BEFORE you schedule your consultation appointment. e.g diabetes ; heart disease etc.
  • Please switch off or turn to mute of your mobile phone during the tattoo session.
  • Only one artist works at Sze.C Tattoo Studio. Therefore, we may not always be available to answer the call so please leave a message or send me an email

*Please try to adhere to all studio rules as it provides a pleasant and comfortable environment for both of us.


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