Sze.C  is a multi-talented artist and art gallery founder, who was born and raised in Hong Kong. After learning tattooing in Thailand, she has been running her Sze.C Tattoo Studio since 2003 in Central HK. Besides tattooing, Sze.C is also an artist herself, who shares her passion for art through her work and has exhibited in various places and galleries in HK and overseas. In 2012, her work was selected to be exhibited at the Biennale of Santorini in Greece, with Greek Vogue fashion magazine featuring her works.

Vouge Greek magazine
Vouge Greek magazine

Sze.C is also the founder of Artouch gallery in HK. After a fourteen year tattoo journey, she decided to leave her comfort zone and take up a new challenge to open an art space in 2014. Aiming to ‘bridge the gap’ between up-and-coming or undiscovered artists, art appreciators and the local community, and believing that art is multi-faceted, Artouch is more than just a gallery; it serves as a platform for talents to meet and houses exhibitions as well as a range of cultural and art-related activities including music performances, film screening and book talks so as to engage the community.

Official Artouch gallery website : www.artouchk.com Facebook : Artouch HK

Sze painting

Solo exhibition:

  • 2017 : Harbour Art Fair Marco Polo Hotel  HK
  • 2016 : Picture Artouch HK
  • 2016 : Eco-art with menstrual cup – Artouch HK
  • 2015 : 刺影 ” Shadow of my needle ” exhibition – Artouch HK
  • 2013: 10 Years Ink on Skin – the Vault , Fringe Club, Hong Kong
  • 2009: Mesmerizing mermaids – The Studio, Soho Hong Kong
  • 2008: Sensation of lines – The Fringe Club, Hong Kong
  • 2006: Picture II – The Fringe Club, Hong Kong
  • 2006: Picture I – A’ha Bar & Gallery, Hong Kong

Group exhibition:

  • 2013: Maya – Voxfire Gallery, Hong Kong
  • 2013: Asia Hotel Art Fair – Mandrain hotel ,Central Hong Kong
  • 2012: the 1st International Biennale of Santorini, Greece
  • 2008: “Skin ink” Tattoo Art – Racks, Hong Kong

Art Project: BodyRock is an multi performing art project that brings audio & visual entertainment to HK, benefiting various HK-based charities / art projects.

Founded in 2010 by Matt Coleman and Sze.C. The body is our instrument for performance; the rock is about creating power through music. The aim of BodyRock is to fuse audio/visual performances together by creating live art – a unique experience for the audience and the performers. But the main idea behind the project is its beating heart and soul…To use the events as a way to raise awareness and funds for charities in Hong Kong that really need it. Facebook: Bodyrockhk



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