10 Years Ink On Skin

10 Years ink on Skin show was held on Fringe Club HK 2013. Thank for my dear friends Sophia Shek edited the cool video , nice photo taken by Miriam Tsang and 高媛 Corinna Ko wrote this beautiful poem to celebrate my 10th tattoo journey.

Much love & ink,


” 十载青情 10 Years Ink on Skin ” written by Corinna Ko

刺青解情 情釋刺青 或許唯有「情」一中國文字方可話刺青 .「情」左系「心」右系「青」用心注青 為 ‘ 情 ’ 刺青. 繡於肌 一針一線 一絲不苟 淋漓致盡解脫了情. 水, 火, 土 交融成青花瓷. 針 ,青, 疼, 痛 交集于肌膚成刺青花.
Tattoo Sublime of the inside Radiates I Therefore ‘情’ Chinese writing Mesmerizes I. Writing ‘’情’ Heart to the left ‘心’ Blue to the right ‘青’ Inking blue with heart Therefore Tattoo Sublime of the inside. Tattoo Embroiders skin Threads Refines Captures Releases Sublime of the inside. Water Fire Earth Moulds China in blue and white. Needle Blue Pain Sorrow Tattoos Sublime of the inside.

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