for creative, compassionate , consciousness … My Chinese name is “思 “ ( Sze ) which sounds like the letter “C”. The top part “ 田“  is a field but looks like a brain, and the bottom part “心 “ means heart, so my name suggests thinking from one’s heart.

*Learning from the pains of life leads to liberation 未覺生命之痛,未懂自由之意.*

Sze.C tattoo journey start 2003. I born and raised in HK, I studied in a typical local school, yet always felt a need for self-expression. I discovered I had an untrained talent for drawing. My creative spirit made it difficult for me to stay in one place for long and I ended up leaving school 3 times during my academic career. The first time, I decided not to go to University and enrolled in art school instead. It was a 3-year course, but after 1 year, I quit. I was afraid I would be brainwashed after graduating. ( Maybe I was just too self-centered at the time ) But that experience left me with a clear idea of what I did want to do for a future career: Art. That doesn’t mean the decision was easy. I felt lost after quitting. I was wondering where I should go. What was I looking for? At the time, I was working with different types of art media, from t-shirt designs to body painting and beyond. It was then that I realized I loved the feeling of working on skin, but I wanted something more. Something that could last longer than body painting… With that, the idea of becoming a tattoo artist was stamped onto my consciousness. I then spent a year working at a garment company and taking on other part-time jobs to save the money I needed to learn this ancient craft. I was also searching for my tattoo mentor. My search (and hard work) finally led me to Thailand…

At that time, I was young, with no fear and nothing to lose. I simply wanted to follow my dream. I still remember the feeling of holding the tattoo gun for the first time and giving someone ink. I wasn’t afraid at all, (although the guy might’ve been!) It was familiar; as if I had been doing it forever… I knew then that I had found my life’s work. That was back in 2003.

Over fifteen year tattoo journey , I’ve learnt a lot (and still have a lot to learn). I feel blessed to have met so many amazing people through my work. I’m appreciative of and content with everything life has brought me.

Apart from tattooing, I also create art pieces and have been privileged enough to showcase them through gallery shows in HK and overseas since 2006. I’ve also created an art event called BodyRock from 2010-2014, which brings together art, music and charitable organisations. In 2014 , I open an art gallery Artouch to start a new page of my art career.

Oh, I almost forgot to tell you about the third time I left school… few years ago I enrolled in a fine art degree course, but only lasted a year. Well, what can I say? I love studying but am obviously not keen on conventional schools. Maybe I’m more suited to the school of life – learning everything I can from the world and the people around me….

With love & gratitude, Sze.C

*All artwork ( including website design ) and related photos, drawings, videos, tattoo designs and graphics are the property of Sze.C. All Rights Reserved 2018.

C’s motto: Live in present and live everyday as a present .

C’s likes ( movies ): *Searching for sugar man by Malik Bendjelloul *The World of Suzie Wong by Richard Quine * Life is beautiful by Roberto Benign *The Red Balloon “Le ballon rouge” by Albert Lamorisse *The Tango Lesson by Sally Potter. ” Gandhi by Richard Attenborough etc.

C’s likes ( music ):All kinds of music, except heavy metal. I particularly like listening to Jazz and Reggae.

C’s  likes ( books) : *Pain , the gift nobody wants by Paul Brand and Philip Yancey*

C’s likes : creating art; tattooing; practicing yoga; traveling; tango dancing; going to the movies/ theatre ; reading; getting a taste of the sun; swimming; day dreaming; dark chocolate; hang out with family/friends & being alone.

Interview – Women in focus


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